Theme description:
This session will cover the basics of IIIF technology as well as a number of use cases ranging from fun audience engagement tools to bleeding edge uses of machine learning. Currently, there are four IIIF specifications for flexible image delivery, presentation, authentication, and search-within functionality. Meanwhile, real world examples will include projects covering museum-like guided image annotation tours geared toward educators, crowd-sourcing examples, and more.

Josh Hadro is the Managing Director of the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) Consortium. In this role Josh coordinates the growing activities of IIIF, manages the business affairs of the IIIF Consortium, and cultivates a broader, stronger and more diverse network of IIIF contributors and beneficiaries. Previously, Hadro worked at The New York Public Library, where he served as the Associate Director for Digital Policy, and as the Deputy Director for NYPL Labs before that, where he managed a staff of 21 and helped oversee their operations from digitization to innovative dissemination of digital assets.