Monday, 16 May 2022

Conference Opening, 10.00 – 10.30 * Time zone for all sessions is CET

Opening Speaker

Bogdan Trifunović, Serbian Library Association President

Welcome Words

Andrija Sagić, SLA Digital Transformation of Libraries Section President

Session 1, 10.30 – 11.50
Chair: Tamara Butigan Vučaj

Keynote Speaker Theme Time
Mag. Dr. Susanne Blumesberger, MSc Research data between open access and closed access 10.30
Presenters Title Institution Time
Maria  Armanda Salgado, Patrícia Ferreira Educating and caring from culture: The case of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Ferreira do Alentejo
Municipality of Ferreira do Alentejo, Portugal 11.00 – 11.10
April  Manabat, Yelizaveta  Kamilova Amplifying the Library’s Online Presence from Lockdowns to New Normal : Content Analysis and User Engagement of Social Media Accounts of Selected Academic Libraries in Kazakhstan Nazarbayev University, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan 11.10 – 11.20
Galina  Goleva Automation of maintenance processes in the municipal library: time to summarize Central Library System of the Rakityansky district of the Belgorod region, Russia 11.20 – 11.30

Q&A Time 11.30 – 11.50

11.50 – 12.10  Yellow Paper Bird – Winner video/song on IFLA NPSIG Music Contest 2021 (projection and talk with authors)

Winning video at the IFLA NPSIG Music Contest by the National Library “Ilija M. Petrovic” Pozarevac


Branka Prazic – songwriter; screenwriter; director

Branko Prazic – composer, singer

Marija Kopun – director of photography; video editor

Predrag Grigorijevic – music production

Session 2, 13.00 – 14.20
Chair: Jelena Glišović

Keynote Speaker Theme Time
Andrija Sagić
Knowledge in information era 13.00
Presenters Title Institution Time
Inessa Sergeevna Yagodina Problems of searching in the remote user’s electronic catalog during a pandemic Chelyabinsk Regional Universal Scientific Library, Russia 13.30 – 13.40
Tabea Hirzel Making information disorder in digital environments visible and measurable Learning4Tech, Tomelloso, Spain 13.40 – 13.50

Q&A Time 13.50 – 14.10

Coffee Party 14.30 – 15.30

Tuesday, 17 May 2022 – ZOOM LINK

Session 1, 12.00 – 13.30
Chair: Mirjana Nešić

Keynote Speaker Theme Time
Miran Petek Possibilities of connecting DCobiss with local repositories 12.00
Presenters Title Institution Time
Tatiana Shevyakhova Digital collection as a means of preserving the literary heritage of Yamal The Yamal National Library, Russia 12.30 – 12.40
Allana S. Delgado, Dr. Reysa Alenzuela, Vince Ervin V. Palcullo Academic Institutional Repository as a Treasure Trove for 21st Century Education Central Philippine University; Oriental Institute of the Academy of Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic 12.40 – 12.50
Claudia Popescu DigiPrior – Additional vocational skills for librarians County Library “George Baritiu” Brasov, Romania 12.50 – 13.00
Andrew J. M. Smith Selective availability: Problems in accessing older dissertation and thesis research Emporia State University, Kansas, USA 13.00 – 13.10

Q&A Time 13.10 – 13.30

Session 2, 14.30 – 16.00
Chair: Andrija Sagić

Keynote Speaker Theme Time
Henning Scholz The role of standards and frameworks for the digital transformation of the cultural sector 14.30
Presenters Title Institution Time
Vasiliki Gerontopoulou, Kostas Diamantis, Maria Pazarli The Panhellenic Student Competition “Hack the Map: Rigas’ Charta” – Building a new educational paradigm for generation next Onassis Library, Greece 15.00 – 15.10
Katarina Jukić, Ružica Rebrović-Habek, Zvjezdana Dukić “I write a story, I read a story” – a literary project for primary school students University of Zagreb, Croatia 15.10 – 15.20
Marcus Cohen Step by step towards digital transformation DEN Dutch Knowledge Institute on Culture and Digital Transformation, Nederland
15.20 – 15.30
Jasna Brkić Digital transformation for educational animation Belgrade City Library, Belgrade, Serbia 15.30 – 15.40

Q&A Time 15.40 – 16.00

Andrija Sagić, Closing the Conference